Trading with GB

Trading Crude Oil

September 11, 2019
Trading with GB
Trading Crude Oil
Trading with GB
Trading Crude Oil
Sep 11, 2019
Guy Bower
This episode looks at the Crude Oil market from a futures and options trader’s point of view.
Show Notes

In the new series of Trading with GB, we are going to break down one market after another. 

Each episode will look at a market that you maybe have not traded before. It may not have entered your mind to trade it. Or maybe it may have – and you just don’t know how to go about it. 

This episode talks about Crude Oil.

We will cover five things 

1.       What is Crude Oil.

2.       Factors affecting the Crude price.

3.       What are the most common tradable products?

4.       Market correlations

5.       And a few ideas for trading. 

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